Where the Fairies, Angels and Goddesses hide

­Where the Fairies, Angels and Goddesses hide








A book of magical guidance by

Hannah WaveKarma Hardy



Are you ready to become a Goddess? Do you have an open heart and are you willing to change?


My intention with this book is to provide clear and concise ways for you to create magic. It is a manual. It is intended for practical use as these are instructions on how to access, communicate with and evolve your spirit. The intention of this work is to describe magic as a technology. A natural technology that is evidenced by modern technology.


I will describe how, when a female combines her sensual power with her spiritual energy, miracles can become commonplace. When a female opens her heart, mind and sexual organ to energy she becomes a Goddess.


The guidance will lead the reader through the ascension from human, fairy, angel to goddess by understanding, using and becoming energy.  How much you progress is up to you- as with any natural energy exchange you will receive what you are prepared to accept.


When we shut ourselves off to change, there is no change- when we open ourselves to the infinite- anything is possible.


This work seeks to re-establish and nurture the spirit in our modern life. Guidance based on harmony, celebration and interconnectivity- rejecting the fear, repressive and elitist trappings of the religious language and mystic culture that we are familiar with concerning the spirit.


In discovering our energy we can become liberated, harmonised and progressive. Everyone has a spirit and it’s time to find it and use it!


The information which I present is like a series of energy pin points connected and relating to major religious beliefs and spiritual texts. For each simple pin point there is an extensive library surrounding. Understand them in their simplest, purest and most beautiful form and you will understand all that is necessary.


These are precious gleaming gems. Take them, love them and grow with them.


I want to replace the word spirit with energy. I will communicate how beautifully simple everything becomes when we understand ourselves as energy.


This work is talking to your heart, your instincts, your sense and spirit. It is avoiding talking to your brain, to your logic, to your rationale. It was written from my heart to your heart, and to truly understand its language you must read it with your heart. As your heart is the starting point of where all the magic is made.


Spirit predates all religions, and every thought in this book can relate to and has a discussion point with all religions. I am purposefully avoiding making comparisons, links and references, because I want you to realise how simple, beautiful yet profound this magic is.


I am an artist and not conditioned with any religious position. It is the events which I have experienced that lead me to write this. It is my interest to simplify and demystify our understanding of spirit and magic.


I am using the word magic as it embodies a sense of what we understand as spiritual wonder. The vocabulary around this pure sense varies massively but they are just tools in describing the same thing. For example when I say fairy or angel it can also mean Witch, Yogi, Priest, Shaman, and Buddhist... These are beings that are connected to and evolving with ‘spirit’ in their own vocabulary and cultural circumstance.


Some beings are more developed on their spiritual path but it is important to realise that anyone and everyone can learn these tools and use this magic. It is easy. You already have your spirit/ energy and are connected to everything- I am just guiding you to remember.


In the same vein when I say ‘spell’ this is just a tool to describe what others know as praying, wishes, mantras, mudras, mandalas and directed meditations. They are specific intentional actions our ‘spirit’ makes for a particular purpose. These actions are made from the heart, which is pure love so your effects can only ever be positive. I intentionally do not refer in detail to any negative event or ideas because, as you will soon understand negativity is redundant and no energy should EVER be given to it. It no longer exists because we are about to now live in our hearts, and our hearts just create love and positive energy.


Trust yourself, trust your instincts, and trust your energy. Nothing I am going to tell you is difficult. I am just reminding your spirit, your higher self, what it already knows.


This is an act of remembering. Enjoy relearning what you are, how beautiful you are and how free and fearless you are. Your Goddess is waiting to illuminate your paradise so just relax and enjoy the ride.



In preparation to perform a spell


It is important to be somewhere calm where you will not be distracted. With practice you will be able to access this peace at any given time.


Have a sip of water (the purer water the better) this will ground you.


Gently smile to yourself and become aware of your breathing.

The simple smile holds amazing powers. Use it and enjoy it.


Feel the air enter your body and how it fills up your lungs, sense how the air leaves your body. How is your body feeling and changing with each part of your breath? Concentrate on these breaths, making them long deep and considered. Use all of your lungs and make the process of inhale and exhale a circular and fluid action.


When you were a baby you breathed like this, you already know how to do it- I am just reminding you.



The good, the bad and the Fairy



It is important in order to find your fairy that you are at peace within yourself.


This is finding your balance.

This is not a balance between good and evil; this is a balance of energies. When we look at the yin/yang peace symbol it is not a balance of good and bad it is a balance of energies.




Bad doesn’t need to exist. It is redundant.


We think we need bad for the balance, but we don’t. Bad is a greedy vacuum which we feed with fear, insecurity and jealousy. We need to block this hole up because we don’t need it anymore. Life is beautiful when we find our inner beauty and become fearless.


The aim is to be above these polarities and to find your balance of energies which is yin/ yang


Your fairy is actually waiting TO BE YOU above these polarities.


The fairy is Tao


The fairy is pure energy


The fairy is peace and once you master this peace you can live pure magic.





Tree hugging



This is a simple, ancient and effective exercise to achieve physical and mental balance harmony and peace.



Stand with your legs slightly apart and relax your knees.


Bring up your arms so it looks like you’re loosely hugging a tree.


Close your eyes.


Sense your body. If there is tension in your shoulders- let them drop.

Rock gently side to side, to find your perfect balance. Adjust your position until you feel at ease.


Feel your peace and your space. Understand that you are connected to everything.


Be quiet, still and learn from the space. Your higher self will let you know when you have finished the spell.


Yogi’s can stay for hours in this meditative position without food and water. When you arise above the polarities and completely, peacefully give up control, you become free and in full control.


It is in this peace and clarity that we can begin to make magic…




Get out of your box and into the light




It is a strange aspect within our culture that we enjoy fear. We like to put limitations on ourselves, to put barriers on our expectations and to put ourselves in a box. It makes us feel secure to be in our box. The thing that really scares us is… the truth


There are no barriers!

You are free!

You have choice!


Why make yourself wrong, to fit into a society that is wrong? Negative energy breeds negative energy. We are a mirror; it is easy to reflect the beliefs and flaws of our surroundings.

It is the aim to physically mirror our spirit and let shine its light. Spirit is not just something in a church or in a misty graveyard- it is you, now, as you are reading these words. It is the pure energy underneath all our social and cultural conditioning. Your energy is on a journey; your body is just part of the journey. When you discover what your journey is then the real fun begins! Your spirit is thirsty, it needs life force energy to radiate and shine. 



When you find your fairy, angel or goddess it will be a challenge. When other people see that you are not in a box, that you have no barriers, that you are free and that you have choice it makes them aware of their own fear and their own failings. They will often respond with anger, jealousy and hatred. This is their journey and not yours. You must protect yourself. The spell ‘To protect and nourish’ is an effective method.


"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

Albert Einstein


However, in the Tao manner it is appropriate to never become a fanatic, or a bore. Achieve a balance; continue happily on your progressive way becoming healthier, more beautiful and with a brighter spirit. When people comment and question how you are changing, you know the magic is working. If they ask for a hand out of the box, then help them.


In return if you encounter a spirit who has expanded their consciousness to a greater degree then yours. Be humble, respectful and learn from them. Life is beautiful if we make ourselves beautiful from within.


Do things that are good for you- don’t do things that are bad for you



Everything is energy, we are energy and we connect to the external through energy. We need to feed our energy with positive energy. This can come from performing these spells within nature, where positive energy is abundant but find what you like and what turns you on. It could be that you access the most positive life force energy from BMX riding, surfing, dancing or making music- you know when something feels good. It feels intrinsically good for a reason and we will talk in depth about sexual pleasure in a later chapter. The general aim is to recognise, achieve, maintain and absorb the most positive energy which yogis call ‘Life force’. 

So, here is a question; what has more positive ‘Life Force’ energy?


A, a big juicy apple

B, a sad processed biscuit


Yes, A, it’s the apple! Try and consume food and drink with the most ‘Life force’, do activities that stimulate the most ‘Life force’. As you become more and more healthy and beautiful you will gradually become more repelled by negative things carrying negative energy.


Be around people that are good for you- don’t be around people that are bad for you




Energy Vampires


These are people who are actively seeking your energy for their own use and will use people and disregard them with no conscience. Angels are more prone to danger as their nature is to heal. The energy vampire is on his/her own spiritual journey and you MUST detach and protect yourself.





To protect and nourish


Close your eyes


In breath:  I welcome all positive energy that will nourish my spirit and help me excel on my journey. This energy feeds me with peace and beauty.


Out breath: I reject all negative energy that could do me harm. This negative energy cannot enter my force field.






Becoming a Fairy


The bubble



Our search to find your fairy, angel and goddess starts here. Before we begin with the spells we must talk to ourselves about energy.



I do not have a spirit, I am a spirit, and I have a body.

You do not have a spirit, you are a spirit, and you have a body.


Once we understand this we can understand our bodies as vehicles which our spirit drives. Your spirit has been on many journeys and will continue to venture on many other journeys after this. This is the most simple yet the most powerful thing to realise. Now lets look at that statement again but replace the word ‘spirit’ with ‘energy’.


I do not have energy, I am energy, and I have a body.


As we begin to understand that we are energy, which conducts a frequency and creates a vibration then we can begin to realise the intrinsic nature of our interconnectivity. We can begin to realise the need to create positive energy to affect our frequency and create a positive vibration. Energy is fluid, interactive and interchangeable. 


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

― Nikola Tesla


When you realise this then you can actively choose how to operate, direct, change and heal your vehicle with your own energy and frequency. You will begin to remember that there is no beginning, middle and end. You will remember that there is nothing to fear. The more you research into this simple truth the clearer existence will become.


Spirit is not about going to a religion for guidance, you are spirit and when you listen to yourself you will discover the answers to all the questions.


I will teach you spells as to how to connect with your energy to establish harmony, discover your history and purpose and transcend.


Once we understand that we are energy we can then realise that the earth, plants, animals, trees and universe are all energy. We connect to everything. In terms of energy- we are everything.


The aboriginals when they meet each other they say “Hello, I am another you” as we realise this we can then see how important it is to love, care, nurture and help progress each others energy.



Manifesting moments



As we become increasingly aware of our existence as energy and our interconnectivity a very interesting fact emerges. When miracles happen, for example you make a wish (pray/meditate) and something manifests or an inexplicable coincidence occurs it seems like there is a greater plan.


The question then is who is creating this greater plan and putting miracles in my path? Is this God? I thought there wasn’t a God? The simple answer is- we are all God, (if you want to use the word God) humans, animals, trees, in fact everything is God- it is energy.


It is not a man sitting on a cloud judging and commending us, it is the energy which forms us and interlinks us to everything around us. It’s that simple, and it’s that complicated.


So, for example your energy is creating a frequency which causes a vibration, the process is intrinsically interlinked. So the vibration and the energy are one. The consciousness and the outcome are one. Each fragment of energy connects and interlinks with time and space dimension infinitely, so when your energy, (your higher self) creates the intention/ frequency the vibration will manifest as that intention.


In short, celebrate every moment for its beauty and magic, as this will create beauty and magic. Don’t be controlled by the fear and restrictions of religion or the fear and restrictions of our modern non spiritual life, they are a complicated language formed around energy to control you.


Become your energy, become the power, beauty and liberation of energy, repel fear and seek positive harmony as this will make the infinite harmonious.


Don’t wait or rely on someone to do it for you- they won’t. It’s up to you.


Welcome change, when others see how beautiful your life is becoming they will want to understand how this magic is happening.


The personal is political, the personal is beautiful, the personal is liberated, the personal is interconnected to everything, and the personal is energy.




When we realise that we are energy/spirits and we have a vessel- it is important to understand that we do not own each other.


You should never try to control another spirit.


We are energies flowing together and it is our aim to love, support and care for each other.


It is important that we respect children as our equals as they are spirits learning how to operate their vessel, and learning how to use their tools. They possibly have an older spirit then you. This can lead to problems within adults as they fear this lack of control and meet it with a form of jealousy. Our blood DNA line is part of the spirits journey, but it is part of the lesson. The spirit has incarnated many forms before and it will after. We do not own or control another spirit. This same principle applies to all living things, we are all part of an energy circuit and it is vital to make it as beautiful, peaceful and progressive as possible. 








The Universal breath


This is an ancient spell and is continued to be used by the native tribes’ world wide. It is simple, beautiful and very powerful. It connects our energy to the universal energy. All living things are alive with energy- and you are part of it.


I recommend performing this spell before you enter into any other spells.


Close your eyes


Be calm and at peace


Imagine an aspect of nature that truly moves you


  • Send your love down to mother earth


Mother earth is alive with her energy circuit and field, she is active. As you send your love and positive energy down to her she will reciprocate. Let yourself sense the positive energy that she is returning to you. Mother earth is changing her frequency and in connecting with her she will naturally attune your energy field to become harmonious with her.


Imagine an aspect of the sky that truly moves you


  • Send your love up to father sky


Father sky will reciprocate your love and positive energy. Let yourself feel the infinite energy tingle through you.


  • Open your heart to universal energy


Feel in your heart the acceptance that you are energy and you connect to energy, allow this energy into your heart. It will nourish you with peace.



As energy we are connected to the eternal. Each moment is intrinsically linked to an infinite pattern through time and space dimensions. Our energy creates a frequency which causes a vibration.

When our energy forms itself it does so through a frequency which causes a vibration. This vibration begins as the egg of life, then the flower of life, from this structure the first organ is made, which is the heart. The flower of life is a symbol which has been discovered on ancient sites all over the world. Sacred geometry displays to use how we are interlinked through form, through a vibration pattern in space. If you apply a high sound frequency to a layer of salt, the salt will naturally move to create geometric formations[i].  As the sound frequency changes the salt changes to another ornate geometric pattern. If this is a frequency causing a vibration on sand, what frequency is your energy giving out, and what vibration is it causing? Who and what is it affecting?




The heart is the organ with the highest frequency. The heart is amazing, and it has its own brain!


Scientists at the Institute of HeartMath research the hearts intelligence and how to create coherence and resilience for the purpose of improving people’s lives.[ii] The brain is defunct, it a polar organ as you may wish for something from the brain but the reverse will come back at you. Whereas the heart is pure and will create a pure response, the brain should be the servant to the heart.


It is important for you to realise the relationship between the heart and the brain. The realisation of your minor and major energy patterns is paramount, for example the relationship between the heart, the brain and the sexual organs as described in the book Vagina- by Naomi Wolf. I am going to venture further to say that when the heart, the brain and the vagina are intrinsically linked to the energy field then the female can truly transcend to become a Goddess. We will learn about this in a later chapter.






Fairy Bubble


Now you feel the beautiful positive energy flowing into you from above below and into your heart, imagine this energy as a beautiful clear light blue. Inhale this energy and as you exhale imagine the energy expanding out to form a bubble around you. This is your force field.


Welcome positive energy into this bubble and reject negative energy. The negative energy cannot enter.


This energy field is real and scientifically proven to exist.  As you become more of a fairy, you can actually see it. When I was a teenager my energy levels were off the scale and I couldn’t walk into a shop without setting the alarms off, and I would frequently break electrical equipment. If you have similar problems then practice the tree hugging spell which will balance your energy fields.


If you are in a busy city street you can visualise your force field strong and alight with this beautiful energy and strength. People will move out of the way of your bubble. It’s real, try it!


It is important to understand that spells and wishes cannot be performed from the brain. This is because the brain is a polar organ, you may wish for something but the reverse will come back at you. It is also an organ which is defunct.


The organ where the fairies, angels, and goddesses reside is…. The heart

The heart is the first organ made in the embryo; it has amazing electrical power- remember that it has its own brain- yes its own brain!


This is all scientifically proven but this is something which has been known through the ancient world and throughout the native tribes globally. In the same way that ancient primitive cultures knew incredible things about astronomy that we are only just discovering with our modern technology now. These cultures understood the working of energy, and how the spirit can travel in time and space.


The ancient cultures were also aware that we have brain tissue in our stomach which gives us our ‘gut instinct’ and affects decision making. Many Buddhist mediation principles are based on focusing and re focusing sexual energy in this area to strengthen the potency of this brain. [iii] It is important that we begin to re-educate ourselves as to the nature of our bodies and how the body operates within itself and communicates to the exterior. Technology is increasingly discovering that ancient principles on the nature of the body and its interconnectivity are correct. Neuroscience is now proving that the vagina has a direct relationship with the brain and we shall discuss this in depth later. These ancient cultures not only realised the interconnectivity of our internal body to the external but they also cultivated exercises to awaken, reinforce, balance and use these connections. These are the exercises which I am communicating to you.





To connect with your Fairy, Angel or Goddess


Perform the Universal breath spell


Eyes closed.


Imagine your thoughts leaving your head and travelling down into your throat.


You can feel the warmth, heat and noise inside your body.


You reach your heart


With great ease and comfort you enter your heart


You know this space and it feels warm and safe like arriving home.


You are in an entrance chamber, trust your instincts and go into the entrance


You are in a vessel; this vessel reflects your spiritual journey. Spend time here it will teach you about your past, present and future. Walk around and explore. This space will change as you evolve and change.


As you explore you will find another entrance, for me this was a cave behind a waterfall.


Enter this cave. This is your sacred space. This is where the magic happens. It has its own resonance which is the sound ‘OM’ meaning home- this is the home of your spirit.


Spend time in this space and ask to make contact with your higher self.


This is the time to make positive affirmations and wishes. The heart is pure and can make only love, so the more powerful your love frequency the more effective your affirmations will be. Your higher self wants to make contact to progress you onto your next stage of becoming a fairy, angel or goddess. 


Your sacred space will guide you from here as you evolve.


Leave your sacred space, as you remerge into your vessel it will have probably changed reflecting the changes that you have made spiritually in your sacred space.


Leave your heart and travel up through your body, into your throat, and back into your head.


With practice you will be able to live in this space.


Om mani padme hum

Om mani padme hum

Om mani padme hum


This is an amazing mantra which welcomes the eternal in to the sacred space of the heart and expands out to welcome love, wisdom and union[iv].


As we understand everything as energy, frequency and vibration we can realise how our minor and major energy field are affected by frequency. This is especially pertinent with sound. We understand that we can be healed using sound from the history of the specially built sonic healing rooms used by the Egyptians to crystal healing bowls. Mantras operate with the same principle; the sounds create a frequency which affects our energy field with a particular frequency.







Learn to fly




Water nymphs


Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” 
― Bruce Lee


Now that we understand that we are just energy and how to connect to our higher self which is also just energy, we can understand that energy can move and change its form.


I have had several out of body experiences where I (my spirit/energy) have viewed my body having a variety of experiences including several near death, death, and two orgasmic births.


By realising that my spirit is above the polarities of good/ bad, life and death I could control what was happening in that situation and control the outcome.


When I was giving birth to my second child I gave birth in an upright position, I let go of my body and gave total control to the energies that wanted to flow through it. I became like water rushing over rocks in a fast river. It was exhilarating and orgasmic. Because I gave up control I was watching myself from the room and I knew I had total control over my vehicle. This was the same experience with my near death/ death experiences. I let the events sweep over and through me, my spirit left my vehicle, and I knew the simplicity of nature. I then returned to my vessel as I knew it was still part of my journey. When you get above control and fear it is possible to truly ascend.  


This is an instinctive trait in some and can be learnt with practice by others. Some spirits have evolved further and instinctively know already but all these spells can be learnt and practiced with anyone who operates them will love. Without love these spells will not work, they can never do harm as they are made from the heart. Feel no fear and trust your instincts. 


This technique of your energy leaving your vessel is known as ‘remote viewing’ or ‘out of body experience’, don’t let fear think that you can’t do it- be like a child and play.




Learn how to fly


My first out of body experience occurred when I was about 4. My dad was trying to teach me how to swim in a French swimming pool, and I kicked free of him. As I sank to the bottom of the pool I looked up and at the same time I was near to my mother outside of the pool looking down at myself in the pool.


I felt calm, even humoured, it was like an abstract game. This is the feeling which I feel whenever I have an out of body experience or a near death experience. I was in control and calm- I had choice.

Subsequently I have had many similar experiences and can now expand my energy from my body and remote view myself whilst still operating my body- as for example, in child birth. Anything is possible when we understand ourselves as energy.


The most pivotal Out of Body experience happened when I died. I was in a bad place where I was controlled by an energy vampire and my spirit was much depleted. I awoke during the night and walked to the kitchen, I suddenly felt my heart beating rapidly and I fell on the floor. I felt my heart stop beating and I left my body. I watched myself from the side of the room. I knew that if I entered back into my body that I had to change. I had to take control of my life and not be submissive any longer. I knew I could no longer be controlled by fear. From that moment on my life has flourished in all manner of beautiful ways.


The thing which I want to communicate to you is that in each near death/ death experience I was completely in control of my spirit. I was calm and rational. I had nothing to fear. You have nothing to fear.

You are on a journey, you are learning, as you become at one with your energy you will realise why you are in the body you are in. Become perceptive of your lessons and use them to strengthen your spirit.


So when we acknowledge ourselves as energy in habiting a body, ghosts are then put in perspective. Spirits/ energies will contact me to give particular messages for others or guidance for myself. I want you to understand that energies are in search of harmony and their physical embodiment and journey is in the search of harmony.





Receive your Fairy wings!



Imagine your bubble; it is bright and beautiful with your pure white light. It is important to realise your bubble energy field as it will protect you from any negative energy that you might encounter on your travels.

Don’t be too serious with this, be playful and just sense the experience.


Lie down on a bed or sit in a crossed legged position.

Smile gently to yourself.

You are filled and surrounded by your energy light.

You are your energy light.

Feel your energy light lift out from your heavy vessel. Your energy feels light, bright and playful.

This is a positive and joyous feeling.

Look back at your body and realise that this is a vessel for your energy light.

Move up to the ceiling and look down at your vessel.


Just play and trust your instincts.

See where you can go, leave out of the ceiling and in to the sky.

High in the ether you will find the global energy net.


You can rest here sensing other enlightened spirits or you could venture further into the stars.


When you return spend some time in your sacred space to better understand the journey you have just been on.



Once you are familiar with this technique you will be able to not only travel in physical space, but in time and dimension. When I was a child I didn’t understand these experiences and kept them quiet but as I got older these experiences would appear as visions which have saved my life on numerous occasions and provided me with information which was ‘impossible’ for me to know. As a couple of examples; knowing not to take a train that later has a crash, stopping the car four metres short of a blind corner and having a massive lorry skid round to where I would have been. As you become more attuned you will learn to trust your instincts and respect the clues that are given to you.


It is important to live free of any obscurity and to trust these signs to protect and progress yourself and others. This is information, it is information through energy. It is subtle and beautiful and as you become increasingly aware of the language of energy you will receive the messages clearer.


This is the technique practiced by Tibetan monks and Yogi’s to perform their conscience over matter amazing feats, like walking on nails.


We will soon learn how this can further be used to describe how spiritually/energy enlightened beings have learnt to change matter with their consciousness, like for example the great Pyramid which was build from the top downwards…!


Native tribes globally have retained and actively remember this information. We think we are so evolved, yet it is they who feel, realise and live the truth.

Anything is possible when you realise that we are living in what the Aboriginals call ‘dream time’- I’m going to call it ‘Frequency time’


There is much historical reference to the space of time we are in now as being a time of transformation. Some call it ‘the shift’; some ancient tribes refer to it as ‘The Awakening’.


The Mayan prophecy suggests that we are entering a new astronomical cycle and it is a cycle of enlightenment. It has been suggested that ‘God’ will walk among us. This is due to the change of cosmic energy and we are going through a natural rising of consciousness. So ‘God’ will walk among us and in us- we are becoming our energy.


We used to think the world was flat. Things change and we need to be less arrogant and a little more humble to the infinite possibilities which are surrounding us.


As this consciousness shift is happening it is important to perform the spell ‘Universal breath’ as this will naturally align your energy field with the energy field of mother earth.

Those who remain in lower consciousness and do not harmonise with their energy could become severely unbalanced. It is proven that when there is a full moon, the energy change effects everything and detrimentally it can push un-harmonised people over the edge, as there are always more aggressive crimes on a full moon.



Becoming an Angel



Making magic with the magic net



Now that we understand that we are just energy and the external world is just energy we are going to learn how our internal thoughts and feelings can affect the external world with the frequency we omit and what vibrations they create.


This is really beautiful and explored and understood in various fields, and notably and increasingly in the scientific field. It is the understanding that we are just conscience and we connect intrinsically to everything.


This global conscience pattern is known as ‘the net’ ‘the grid’ ‘the matrix’ ‘the code’. When we look in sacred geometry for example we can see that one point connects intrinsically to all points. A pattern called ‘The flower of life’ is found in many of the ancient sites and describes the frequency created by the energy of creation. [1]


In the same way that our energies are in search of harmony, the vibration patterns are in search of perfection, which we see with something called the Fibonacci series. You will be familiar with the Fibonacci spiral in nature, on the spiral of a shell or the curl of a fern leaf. Our energy, frequency and vibration as a cosmic whole are on a journey in search of perfect harmony.


Tests have been carried out to display how frequencies physically affect matter, for example the different sound frequencies affecting salt which we have talked about. The matter reacts and assimilates these frequencies with incredibly intricate geometric patterns.


I could expand on this subject with countless and increasing examples and references but I don’t need to.


The beautiful thing to realise is how simple and profound this exchange is. The thing to realise is that you are energy; you emit a frequency which creates a vibration.


In the ‘Singing Plants at Damanhur’ the frequency of  plants has been translated into audio and we can materialise the ethereal nature of vibration into a form which we can understand with the senses we are used to. The plant’s ‘song’ is affected by happenings around it. [vi]


Your higher self is in search for harmony, as you become more attuned to your energy the easier life will become. This is not about being fatalistic this is about being perceptive.


Your frequency affects the entire pattern. Realise and remember how important it is for you to enter your heart which is an organ with massive electrical capacity and to create beautiful and positive energy. This will create beautiful and positive frequencies, which will in turn create beautiful and positive vibrations on both your pattern and the universal pattern. We will soon discover how effective this can be, especially with a group of people emitting the same frequency.


Each member of each species has an energy which omits a frequency which creates a vibration within the electrical pattern of that species.

In the 100 monkey experiment scientists did a test with a specific species of monkey. [vii]They taught a group of monkeys how to clean their fruit in water, once a critical amount of monkeys had performed this task and worked out how to clean the fruit the message more or less instantly spread to monkeys on detached islands and continents. The species was communicating together with the frequency they emitted and the vibration it caused on their energy pattern.


Remember the importance to feel positive and beautiful thoughts. Here is a spell to create a positive frequency.




Magic Angel Mantra


This is an Ancient powerful yogic affirmation, which can be practised regularly.



In breath:


I am beautiful, I am blissful, and I am bountiful


Out breath:


Excel, Excel, FEARLESS



This is a beautiful, powerful and magical spell; it creates balance, it is positive and resists fear which is what makes us create our own barriers



This really affirms that the Placebo is everything. Believe in something with your heart and it will appear.


Our main hindrance is that in our society we don’t want to believe in anything as it is a step out of our box; it’s easier if someone just throws us what they think we should know and how we should feel.


Freedom is a choice.


It is with our beliefs and positive affirmations that we can change ourselves and the world to be an ideal and a paradise. When we sense our own energy we can purposefully adjust our own balance and progress.


These assertions are a mixture of conscious / heart objective effecting and creating the external. These objectives are only truly and purely effective if manifested in the sacred space of the heart. As this is the space of pure love and has the highest frequency.


There was an incredible study done by Dr. Masaru Emoto, the study was called Water, Consciousness & Intent. In this study he first submitted droplet samples of bottled water to different frequencies, for example music, or taped specific words next to the water drops.


As the water froze, each droplet took on the form of the emotion and intent of that frequency. For example extremely negative words were taped to the container of a droplet and the droplet became disgusting and mutated, and in the reverse the phrase ‘Thank you’ was stuck to another container and the formation was beautifully amazing and intricate. In another example water was taken from a polluted stream and a sample was frozen from this which appeared ugly and ill, a Buddhist was invited to give a prayer to the same water and it became pure, beautiful and strong.


Other research has been carried out to display how if a certain flower is dropped into water all of the droplets of water from that vessel change to carry the same unique structural frequency of the flower. Water retains memory; it is active, passive, and alive. We are connected to everything and everything has a life force.


70% of our body is Water and 90% of our blood is water.... We are made up of our frequency. Our conscience and emotions dictate our health, beauty, future and reality.



Many religious and spiritual texts talk of creation being energy and frequency. In the Old Testament it says that creation began with a sound, a frequency.


So make your feelings beautiful and pure as they are creating reality and the future. Create your thoughts from your heart and they will resonate with love, harmony and peace.


This is why prayer and meditation groups are formed, why temples, churches and places of worship exist. Because when a group of people meditate together from their heart with the same objective incredible changes can occur. It is in the achieving of unity and harmony.


There are groups of spiritually / energy aware people now around the world who meet physically, or in dream time meditation, at a particular time to affect the world with a particular emotional vibration from the heart.

There was an experiment carried out in Jerusalem with volunteers who participated in group meditation for peace when conflict was beginning. Statistics display that the levels of peace range nearly exactly with the extent of the group praying. Our consciousness has a direct impact on the external, especially concentrated in groups. We could live heaven on earth simply just with love. At the instituate of Heart Math they are not only recording through technology that the heart and the brain are intrinsically linked but also the effectiveness of the hearts vibration on the collective.


More recent studies have revealed a universal template of psycho-physiological coherence which applies to the heart as well as to the brain on a truly generic level. This has opened up new lines of research and deeper diagnostic and biofeedback training possibilities. The breakthrough insight in the field is that in a healthy situation, the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) repetitively brings itself back into a state of increased internal coherence. These are called transient coherence states, which are characterized by a unique frequency spectrum. During these transient states, the complete external wave power of the ANS fuses itself into a single point or linear flow, enabling your system to re-align itself with the inexhaustible personal and collective resources.’


The Heart can emit fear, or love. With the frequency of love it has been proved possible by scientific research to activate more of codes in out DNA strand, we are currently using 20 of a possible 60 code combinations.


So simple, so pure so true, so thank you John Lennon- yes, all we need is love.


The earth also has her frequency, her own energy points, and her own kundalini energy. We will learn more about Kundalini energy soon, it is the main channel of energy travelling through a vessel. It is the access point of universal energy through the vessel passing through energy points known as Chakras. With mother earth these main kundalini energy points have changed through out the ages from Atlantis, to Tibet to recently now in the Andes mountains. The spiritual centres of the world evolve at these points.


We can now understand how mother earth with her energy frequency emits a pattern. There are lay lines and energy points with intense frequency, which is where all the structures of worship have been placed globally. These not only relate to the earth but to all energy, to the universe, this energy and frequency has been utilised throughout the ages from Stone Henge, to the Maya, to the Pyramids.


So ‘Om’ is the frequency of the heart, feel this sound and its profundity when remembering these spells. Understand its pure beauty and your connection to everything.  





Healing Angel



When we are babies we breathe using all of our lungs and as we grow we forget how to do this. This circular method of breathing is called the Yogic breath. Native tribes say that they live in the act of remembering.


Before you do any healing it is useful to have a sip of water. This helps neutralise and ground your system.


Remember how to breathe


When you take these breaths the important part is not to see the inhale and the exhale as two separate actions but as a fluid part of an ever rotating circle or cycle.


Half circle- Inhale:

Let the breath enter your lungs and extend right up to the top of your rib cage


Half circle- Exhale:

Slowly let the air out until your chest in concaved. Let this slow cycle take over your body.



Let your angel heal


There are so many ways of healing through energy. For example Kinesiology, sound, mundras, mantras, mandalas are all ways of adjusting our energy field. In our modern manner of healing we look at the effects rather then the intrinsic cause. When we are ill it is often actually because we are looking for someone to care for us as our hearts are sad and lonely. However when you realise and have faith in how amazing you are, and the power you can access, it is finally up to you to take responsibility and to heal yourself. It is to accept and love yourself and to adjust your energies, frequencies and vibrations.


In his video language of the Divine Matrix - Gregg Braden explores how the technique of healing with the vibration frequency of the heart is not a miracle- it is a technology. It is a technology that the ancient cultures understood and implemented as a recognised tool within the culture. In ‘language of the Divine Matrix’[viii]  Braden presents a video documentation of a no-medicine hospital in China, where three doctors clear a conscious patient of ‘incurable’ cancer in three minutes!. This process is recorded with ultra sound. It is our modern technology now which is (ironically) proving the effective nature of these ancient and natural methods.


My first intentional healing experience happened when my beautiful cat Miman was due to be ‘put down’. He was a young cat but we had him sterilised and this had caused internal problems. The vet said there was nothing they could do but to take him home for one last night. Mi man was truly depleted. As I lay with him on the bed the frequency of the love from my heart materialised as potent energy, prana. I filled Miman with this beautiful white energy from my heart.


The next morning he was radiant with energy and leaping around robust and joyful. Needless to say the vet was amazed and did a lot of head scratching to tell us Miman was healed and perfectly healthy.


Subsequently I heal those who ask me. I visualise this healing as giving potent positive energy to the recipient to self-heal. So the speed and effectiveness depends on the recipient’s receptiveness. This is why it is easier to heal animals as animals live in their heart and not their brain. When you heal someone still living in their brain they will tend to create the polar effect and cause more self destruction.


The reason I am disclosing this information is because life is so beautiful and simple, and we complicate it so much with restrictions of fear and convention. When, in truth, we all have the ability to connect with our spirit and perform this magic. Why has society and religion kept us from this understanding of our energy- our power?? It is the time to liberate ourselves!





The Angel’s signal


This is a very simple and effective form of kinesiology. It is a direct way of speaking with your Angel/higher self- your energy. The response will either be positive or negative, so think about your question and it may be a process of elimination.

Place your middle finger slightly bended on top of your index finger

Get used to how it feels to move the two together.


Ask yourself an obvious affirmation, for example


Am I human?


As you ask this question apply gentle pressure from the middle finger on to the index finger. The index finger should react positively and be firm and strong.


In reverse, ask yourself something which you know to be false.


For example


Am I a robot?


With gentle pressure the index finger should be reading negative and be allowed to be pushed down by the middle finger.


It is possible to use this technique for anything that you are undecided about.


It is fascinating to explore the different methods and techniques of energy healing. For example in ancient Egypt they built special acoustically attuned rooms to heal with sound. 


My personal favourite is Pranic healing because it is so simple, clear and coherent and females are especially able to utilise this method as it is very instinctive.


Pranic healing means to heal with prana energy which is life force energy charged up!


In his article ‘World’s largest medicine less hospital’, Luke Chan describes the energy healing technology at Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic & Training Center


Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic & Training Center*, simply known as the Center, normally has more than four thousand people living there, including doctors, patients, ChiLel teachers, trainees, and supporting personnel. The Center was established in 1988 in the city of Zigachong and later, in 1992, relocated to the city of Qinhuangdao. In 1995, it again expanded to its present address, an old army hospital in the city of Fengrun, two hours by train from Beijing. It is directed by its founder, Dr. Pang Ming, a Qigong grandmaster and physician trained in both Western and Chinese traditional medicine. This hospital is the largest of its kind in China and probably in the world. The Center avoids medicines and special diets in favor of exercise, love, and life energy. It is a non-profit organization and is recognized by the Chinese government as a legitimate clinic. Over the years, the Center has treated more than one hundred and eighty diseases, the overall success rate being more than 95%.

I spent the entire month of May living in the Center, observing first hand how the hospital operates and interviewing more than one hundred people who have miraculously recovered from incurable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, severe depression, paralysis, and systemic lupus.’[ix] 



Remember you can do no harm, as you are healing from the heart, and your heart only creates positive energy and love. You will first need to balance your own energies with the two previous spells.


We will learn later why the following artwork is so important. We will learn not just to heal as an angel- but to heal as a Goddess!







Pranic healing



Tree hugging spell

Universal breath spell


If you want to heal someone else at this point you must ask their higher self.

Can I heal this person?

If the signal is positive then you can proceed. This technique will work whether you are in the same room or with distance healing.


Enter into your Yogic breathing.


We will be accessing your prana through your kundalini. Enjoy the experience it is pleasurable and exhilarating!


Visualise a clear tube running through your body out past your bottom and up above your head.


As you inhale visualise this tube filling up with beautiful clear life force from the world around you.


With your yogic breath absorb this beautiful energy in your tube.


Breathe in the light; you are becoming a vessel for this light and part of universal beauty. Enjoy the light and the electricity.


Mother earth and father sky want you to heal as we are all connected, the light is waiting to fill the tube with a vivid light.


As you exhale visualise the light making the tube so beautiful and bright.


Continue this exercise for several long and deep breaths.


With the next in breath visualise the light centring in your solar plexus which is the yellow charka located at the base of your front rib cage in the centre. 


This light becomes brighter and bigger and more concentrated.


Focus your attention on what you are going to heal.


It is important to trust your instincts and believe in yourself.


With your eyes closed sense the area you are going to heal.


Notice if there are any floating irregular shaped colours around the area in need of healing. With your instinct, your ‘minds eye’ remove this negative energy and direct it down to mother earth (make sure no one is on a floor below you!). Mother earth will instantly transform this negative energy in to positive energy and this positive energy will remerge to fill your tube with a greater light.


Repeat this step until all the negative energy has been removed. As you practice this you will become more familiar with the subtly of the energies and how to manipulate them.


The subject is now free from negative energy.


Focus again on all the beautiful white Prana light that you have accumulated. With an in breath imagine transferring this beautiful light into the area needing healing.


You are filling the area in need with a peaceful and beautiful energy. This light will become that area and it will heal. The light is so bright that it will expand to encompass the ‘vessel’; it will balance, neutralise and stimulate any other areas in need.


Repeat this step until your higher self helps to apply a protective field.


Breathe in the light from above and below in to your tube. Feel refreshed and vitalised.



If you are healing a human then it is an option to talk to their higher self about how they have responded to treatment and to define a recovery time.


The higher self is energy so it will communicate with a positive or negative response.


Sit to the right hand side of the person.


Ask them to rest their elbow on their knee with their forearm raised upwards.


Apply very gentle pressure to their hand and ask them to match your pressure.


Familiarise yourself with how this feels.


With your subconscious ask the patients higher self a question. Make the first one obvious so that you can check the signal.


For example;


Are you a robot?


Apply gentle pressure to their hand and it should give a negative response.


Then ask, are you a human?


Apply gentle pressure and it should give a positive response. (ie their gentle strength should match yours)


When you feel comfortable with this, you can ask other questions such as;


Did you respond well to the healing?


You can use a percentage gauge to measure a response, for example


You can ask the higher self if they feel at 100 % health, if the reading is negative then go down 10 % each time until you get a positive response





An Electrical angel



This is another great way of self healing. It is an ancient Indian technique. It works by focusing Prana energy in the main electrical meeting point of our vehicle and directing that energy to different points in our body.


Universal breath

Yogic breathing


Imagine your tube filling up with beautiful vivid light. Visualise a point within your head which is half way between the bottom back of your skull and your top lip. This is the point where the brain meets to send electrical messages to the rest of the body.


Focus the energy on this point and then with your instinct direct the energy to the following places. As the energy hits these points sense the energy immersing that area with white beautifying prana light.

The top of the crown charka- which will rejuvenate your scalp and head

Just above your top lip- this will rejuvenate your face and muscles

To your chest

To your womb- This will also affect many other higher energy fields

To your anus- this will affect your lower energy fields.

It is possible to direct this energy to any specific point on the vessel.





Crystal healing



Crystals are amazing energy receptors, they are like energy banks- in fact the memory from a computer can be saved on a crystal. This puts into focus the mystery of the crystal skulls, apart from the fact that the menacing symbol of a skull was chosen it’s a really simple and beautiful thing. The energy that inhabited a body left the body and stored itself within the crystal waiting to pass on information to civilisations to come. This is why when we realise that everything is energy we intrinsically realise that we connect to everything and to treat all energy vessels be that a tree, a crystal or an animal with harmony and respect.


The earth actually consists of a high percentage of crystal, she is alive with her own energy field, we affect her and she affects us. She breathes and sleeps. This sleeping period is suggested by the periodical ice ages which affect the earth in cycles (and we are due for another one). The main energy line of the earth, her kundalini energy moves periodically also. Where this energy leaves the earth is the spiritual energy center for the earth, which has recently left Tibet to relocate in the mountains of Peru and Chile. This is where the new spiritual epicentre of the earth will emerge.


Each crystal has its own property and can be used to amplify any given positive intention. They are increasingly used in public spaces to counteract bad energy, for example, activists are burying crystals at the foot of enormous energy pylons to counteract the negative energy. It has been proven that placing certain crystals in schools and hospitals aids with concentration and healing.


From my experience, crystals find their owner, but the owner has to be open to receive them. When you walk into a crystal shop it can be daunting as there is such choice, but if you trust your instincts and ask yourself with the energy signal test spell you will find the one you need.


It is possible to buy charka bracelets which consist of a range of stones to help balance all your charkas.




The Fairies Cocktail!


I have recently discovered a wonderful natural high using crystals- a crystal cocktail!

Put one or a combination of choice in a glass, fill will natural pure water, cover and leave overnight.


Little bubbles form on the crystals to indicate the water is energised. These cocktails are amazing and really affect your energy field positively- with no hangover!


When you receive your crystal, meditate with it.


Ask it to be cleansed and to resonate at the highest frequency for you.


This book is not the place for me to go in to details about specific details, and the information is readily available via the internet. The video Spirit Science 13 ~ The Crystal Movie is a fantastic resource [x]. You can either search for a particular problem to find a crystal to heal with or you can let you higher self choose for you. If you are healing someone else ask their higher self with the signal test which crystal to use. You can also ask their higher self where they would like the crystal placed! The crystal will help amplify your frequency for a particular use.


Remember that all natural things carry energy. A tree is a wonderful entity to meditate with, as its roots are part of the earth and the leaves are part of the sky. The common old stone is a beautiful energy to meditate with as well, from stones on the beach to standing stones on lay lines. They will give you positive energy and perhaps tell you a story...

Becoming a Goddess


Touching the sublime



Once you understand how to control and manipulate your energies and that you are above the polarities of good/ bad, alive or dead, then you can ascend to becoming a goddess. I had a recent personal sacrifice which enabled my ascension, through directing my own emotional incentive and purpose.


I now live both within my sacred space and in my force field; I am remote viewing my vehicle nearly permanently.  I am living a purpose and reality is manifesting to carry me on my path. I am always aware of the frequency my energy is creating and the vibrations it is causing.


There are ways in which you can access this spiritual state known and practiced by the people of Atlantis, in fact nearly all the ancient civilisations. Pharaoh Akhenaten an enlightened being established ‘The mystery school’ to communicate and remind his students how to ascend to immortality. This included many techniques which I am now describing, notably overcoming fear, remote viewing and becoming your energy. It is now thought that the pyramids were built not to house the dead but as energy vessels or portals. Pharaoh Akhenaten also taught of the Ankh.


The Ankh is known in other cultures as Tantric sex, and religious eroticism, it is a technique of awakening our kundalini energy and drawing in pure life force to an extreme point and retaining this energy through sexual experience. I have learnt that it is also possible to have the same experience with any situation where you are charged with a high positive frequency input. This could be with music, dance, meditating next to a waterfall or in a storm for example.




Living the sublime


Imagine the Prana tube through your body.


The beautiful vivid light blue energy flows from below up and from above down.


Begin your yogic breathing.


When you are making love, as you are about to reach the point of orgasm



Rise above the polarities with this energy, control this energy.


Direct this energy to exit you body from the middle of your back, loop over your head and enter your chest by the heart charka.


Feel your power and control with this beautiful energy. Slowly with each breath allow the energy to nourish, beautify and vitalise all your body.


This action will prolong your orgasm and it will retain all the beautiful Prana energy that you have built up. The energy will not be dissipated, it has been re channelled and stored to vitalise your vessel and spirit.

With each breath feel the energy sweep over and nourish your body.


It is the understanding that we are energy and how we relate to, exchange with and take form with energy that will allow us to transcend form and situation, and to truly enter dreamtime. When we remember our energy, we can control our frequency and vibration- and anything is possible.



Power Flower and Paradise



Yes, they got it right in the 60’s but they got it the wrong way round. It is time to become whole with your Power Flower! It is time to awaken your sensual libido energy, connecting it not only to your heart and mind but your whole energy field. This is the beautiful and secret place that the Goddesses hide!


It is time to become and live the paradise… to become truly alive!


This is celebrating sexuality in spirituality, a search for expression, harmony and balance. This is embodying your sensual power in all of your energy fields. Sexual energy is the most potent of energies and used in the right way is can create miracles.


Once we become totally above the polarities and accept complete submission to energy it is possible to become infinite life force energy.


It is how that in understanding that our libido, our potent sexual energy feeds through our Power Flower, heart and consciousness into our energy fields connecting us to the eternal.


In the previous chapter we learned about the Ankh, in this chapter we will learn how to access this potent sensual energy easily, to become whole with it and to progress to transcend matter.


In embracing this energy a lady will become a Goddess. It is not through aggressive behaviour demanding liberation as is such with many female rights movements. In demanding liberation they are showing fear and putting themselves in their own trap. In negative actions and thoughts we just receive negative actions and thoughts. The sexual power demonstrated by many female rights groups is aggressive and therefore naturally repellent to the libido.  This causes negativity around the idea of female sexual power as it being an aggressive sexual force. In submission the lady can realise that she is in full control.


When our Power Flower blossoms to not just vitalise our body but all our energy fields then the magic happens. Naomi Wolf reveals that the brain science of the vagina heralds a new sexual revolution


‘Finally, women have the neuroscientific knowledge to liberate their bodies from patriarchy's social control and culture of shame’[xi]


In understanding through science that the vagina ‘The Power Flower’ the brain, and the heart are linked then we can begin to re-educate ourselves as to the nature of our bodies and it’s interconnectivity.



I am using the term Power Flower because a flower is delicate beautiful and submissive yet it is pure sexuality. The flower is whole with its sexuality.

It has been suggested that every time a ‘un-enlightened’ being orgasms they loose life force energy and slip further towards ‘dead life’. This is why it is essential to realise that you are energy and that when you open yourself up to the infinite life force energy which surrounds you, it is possible to replenish and revitalise your energies at anytime. This is why the Ankh technique is vital as it channels the precious pure sexual energy back into your energy field.


It is in understanding your infinite existence as energy, in understanding that rising above polarities we can be submissive and at the same time powerful. Becoming whole with energy will empower the goddess to radiate her vital energy throughout herself, her life and her relationship to the external- she is untouchable, yet malleable.


This is the submissive goddess. This has been previously discussed in religious eroticism, expressed by Georges Bataille as


‘Eroticism, it may be said is assenting to life up to the point of death’



In harnessing this sexual power it fortifies life force and reinstates the eternal nature of spirit. In realising this you can not be broken in spirit and you can distance yourself from your body and control it from afar. It is a game, a beautiful game.


A Goddess who understands the nature of spirit and the ebb and flow of energy does NOT FEAR domination but empowers herself through it.

She has supreme power and can manifest reality for positive effect as she pleases, like a game she oversees. She cannot be broken. She has nothing to fear. Her sensual energy is above and beyond her body.

Negative sexual encounters are concerned with the man wanting to dominate and break the spirit- but the spirit is unbreakable. When we are forced to realise that our spirit is unbreakable it just makes us stronger and more liberated. It is the choice of the female whether she will let the negativity break her or show her strength.


When we see a sexually powerful lady we want to dominate her with positive energy, she is sexually powerful because she is submissive as she understands the way of infinite energy. She welcomes positive sexual energy as it is the purest and most powerful forms of energies; she understands that her energy goes further then her body.


Becoming Adonis


In understanding ourselves as energy incarnating a shell it begins to explain ideas such as ‘penis envy’: It is natural for a goddess to understand the pleasure of female sensuality and understand the desire to make love to another woman as a man. As this is the attraction in the lady herself being dominated. Your energy probably inhabited a male body before this life and it is natural for you to feel bonded with both the Goddess and the God, with both Aphrodite and Adonis. In the same way an energy inhabiting a male body in this life has probably inhabited a female body in another life, and so the reverse applies.


The goddess likes to be dominated through positive energy because it shows to her, her own power.


It is not in taking the man’s power, but in understanding that sexual power is infinite.




It is time to celebrate female sexual power; it is time to enjoy the power and glory that a Goddess who is feminine and submissive yet aware of her own infinite libido can bring. Why are we scared of this beauty?






Discover your Power Flower Paradise



Become whole and enliven yourself- Become sensual, open, strong, proud and free!



Adopt the tree hugging stance.


Breathe deep yogi breaths and sense the air affecting all of your body in its fluid movement.


Open yourself up to life force. Sense it within you and around you.


Universal breath (open yourself up to energy from the earth sky and ethos)


Visualise the tube running through your body; understand that the energy you are focusing upon is connecting your brain, heart and Power Flower in a beautiful flow.


Breathe in this beautiful light energy and begin to focus it on your Power Flower.


With each deep breath focus the beautiful white energy on your Power Flower. Feel its strength and beauty. Understand its eternal identity over your being.


Feel the power and energy focusing on your Power Flower. This is your kundalini rising.

This is your libido. Enjoy its beauty and power.


Let this intense energy from your Power Flower radiate to fill your energy bubble with a beautiful powerful paradise.


You are in control. You have found your pure energy. Your Power Flower is beauty. You are beautiful.


This energy harmonises and defines you. It gives you strength.


Enjoy the experience of becoming your sensual energy, welcome it and embody it. 



When practiced this sexual energy is easily accessible and can radiate to create an infinite vital energy through your energy field. This energy is the most powerful of energies, it is pure energy. This is the best energy to heal with; when I heal now I channel pure sexual energy as the light I work with. Such potent life force energy directed can create miraculous results. If channelled in to healing it will submerge negative energy in to transcendent energy. If a female uses this energy to beautiful herself and nourish, it will create amazing results. When you consult your higher self it is the energy from the power flower which will give the purest and clearest response. In connecting our sexuality with the heart and the brain then our energy can become supremely balanced and harmonised and we can radiate amazing frequencies!

The potency of someone’s libido is incredibly evident to the outside world. Someone who is not connected to their libido appears ‘dead’, dull, lifeless, depressed, this translates not just in their comportment but in the way they approach and live their life.


However, someone who has become whole with their libido radiates life force energy. Regardless of their physical attributes they are beautiful, positive and happy, which radiates through their whole existence.


When a woman with a strong libido doesn’t bond with or accept and celebrate her sexual energy then the sexual energy, in trying to assert prevalence, becomes a negative and destructive energy and works against the lady and the external. This in my belief is how an energy vampire is created.


It is essential that from an early age we are guided to understand ourselves as energy. It is essential that we are guided in how to harmonise and work with our energy for positive effect. Frustration, repression and fear are outdated and useless- we don’t need them, there are much better ways to spend our time- like for example at a Tantric paradise party… to which you will soon be invited.


We should no longer fear sexuality, sensuality but welcome it into life and into our energy field. In guiding adolescents in this way they will become confident through their understanding of self and more aware and pedantic of their energy needs.


Becoming whole with her sexual energy the female is able to harmonise with her hormones. Through puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, after childbirth and menopause women are able to harmonise and balance themselves with their sexual energy, enabling them to be balanced and empowered by the hormonal experience. They will not fight against their hormones and these physical experiences but accept and become them to be empowered by the experience.




This celebration of the Power Flower as the source of eternal life force energy does not (necessarily) infer that women will become sex mad, rampant or need lots of sexual partners. It is quite the contrary. When a woman becomes whole with her own sensual energy she has control over her own energy, life and future. The female will become increasingly aware of the energy that is negative for her. 


She will be more sensitive to positive energy influx of various kinds and through her strength of wholeness she will discover more liberation and interest in experimentation. She has the power to both adjust her own energy field both physically though masturbation and spiritually though relationships with energy. This could be through music, dance, sport or nature.

When you embody Shakti which is the concept, or personification, of divine feminine creative power, (sometimes referred to as 'The Great Divine Mother' in Hinduism) then your libido becomes part of your whole being. This sexual essence extended from the Power flower to the body and the spiritual energy field will vitalise and instinctively attract others whilst empowering the woman.



Only ever sleep with someone you would want to be!



When we make love to another being our energy fields get mixed and begin to assimilate the other person. Which is why someone who has many sexual partners has a confused energy field as that person is carrying many different patterns.

This can also be applied to friends in a non sexual context- when you share space and time with someone; your energy patterns begin to assimilate each other. So make sure you spend time with people you like and respect!


As a woman becomes one with her sexual energy and the nature of her sexual energy field it will be radically more apparent who is compatible with her. Understanding her energy she can identify with confidence an appropriate partner.


The beautiful natural magic just keeps on coming! As when the energy empowered/enlightened female gets pregnant it is possible for her to become aware of the babies spirit and communicate with it. This happened to me with my second child who at an early stage of pregnancy communicated her energy, history and life mission to me.


As previously mentioned, during childbirth I succumbed to energy and I became water. My sexual energy expanded from my womb and Power Flower to radiate through my whole energy field. I actually remote viewed myself having an orgasm sensing nothing but pleasure and bliss as I allowed my sexual energy to infiltrate my entire aura.


There are many stories similar to mine and it was an experience full of beauty and pleasure through my confidence and understanding of my energy. I repelled fear and let myself be one with the energies that needed to interact with me.


There are numerous positive accounts of Dolphin midwifes. Where the mother goes in a large birthing pool and dolphins take over the delivery. Dolphins are highly evolved in energy and consciousness and they use their frequency to communicate with the mother and the baby creating a pleasurable birth for the mother and the baby. These babies have been monitored through out their growth and all of them have the genius IQ and above.







Paradise Party!



Ironically, as the woman becomes more of a Goddess and embodies physically and spiritually this potent sexuality energy, she will become less interested in physical interactions and more interested in ethereal interactions.


As we become increasingly aware of our sensual energy and how it effects our energy fields, a whole new manner of relationships can emerge based on the ethereal compatibility of the ebb and flow of spirit. If we remember that we can not control or own another spirit and we have a respect for harmony then a whole new dimension of sensual relationship becomes possible. This is Tantra.


Goal of Tantra

Tantric ritual seeks to access the supra-mundane through the mundane, identifying the microcosm with the macrocosm. The Tantric aim is to sublimate rather than to negate relative reality.

The Tantric practitioner seeks to use prana, an energy that flows through the universe (including one's own body) to attain goals that may be spiritual, material or both[xii]



Tantra is like a paradise party where harmonious enlightened energies blissfully energise each other. Perhaps this is the paradise that mankind has been seeking, the heaven on earth? It is not about control or ownership but love, compassion, respect and the exchange of positive energy.


In essence the way to find your fairy tale carriage to the party is as follows;


Relax in to a state of physical harmony and harmony of the consciousness. With each breath feel your pussy awakening, opening up and radiant with beautiful life force. Allow this life force to radiate and extend through and out of your body in to your energy bubble. Become this potent energy within your beautiful and strong energy field. Understand that you are in control of your energy field, which repels all negative energy. Let you beautiful sensual energy bubble float and discover other beautiful energies.


Since becoming fully enlightened many other enlightened bodies have entered into my life, as companions, to support or to guide me. Recently I was listening to some mantra based Arabic music. I let my whole being intuitively move with the music and my sensual energy led me on a beautiful Tantric dance in the ether. I was later contacted by one of these enlightened beings via the internet to let me know that he enjoyed my dance! Life is beautiful- live it!


If we see ourselves as energies ebbing and flowing and to understand that we don’t own another spirit it is a question why we stay often with a single partner. These are perhaps social taboos which are perhaps outdated. If society didn’t see sex as sordid and the goddess understands her spirit and sexual power and implements it as a tool for health, peace, beauty and spirit, then could it be that we could live in a harmonious environment where we care, nurture and love in a communal sense, and between sexes?


If you attend a Tantra party the dress code is to wear your positive energy bubble to establish your space and to create the freedom of space to decipher the energy flow with which you would like to dance. If a female transcends consciousness with her orgasm she is transmitting orgasmic frequencies through the ether to whomsoever wherever and creating an orgasmic vibration


It is radiating the orgasm from our Power Flower, heart and mind and out in to our energy field to create a radiant energy paradise. It is externalising and living the pleasure, freedom and strength.


When spiritual and sexual energies combine to externalise and participate in the greater ethos- amazing things can happen.

It is possible through the interaction of two tantric spirits to create tantric entities, spirits which will look to take on physical form or remain in the ethos.

  Don’t invite any unenlightened beings, as this can get messy and create morphed beings, unless this is done on purpose, which it has in numerous historical events. For example a tantric sexual embodiment inhabiting a physical space created in part with someone unenlightened. Religious and spiritual history has many accounts of this- it does bring to mind virgin births and it brings a little more logic to the Greek Gods.


When we understand that we are energy and we can interchange with energy in an infinite amount of ways, truth and reality become very simple yet complex. It is important to rejoice and celebrate every moment as that moment is a multi-dimensional fragment in time and space. Time, space and consciousness are all interconnected. Feel peace, beauty and fearlessness in each moment and you will create a positive eternal. Become your radiant sensual energy harmonious and beautiful in each moment and you will be eternal.


A female living her sexual energy is not about indulgence, it is about progressive balance.


Becoming whole, harmonised and strong the female is grounded and liberated by her energy. We must become whole with our own sexuality to harmoniously progress physically and consciously as we relate to and affect everything.


As women are guided to become whole with their sexual energy they will become Fairies, Angels and Goddesses. They will be sensual beings who relish the sublime as they are ever powerful.









A beautiful beginning



These spells are common practice amongst the native cultures- it is nothing new, it is the most ancient thing in existence. It is simple and profound.


When we remember how beautiful and amazing our energy is and where the energy is stored and operated from, we can create our own blissful frequency. As we remember our intrinsic connection to all, we are able to master our frequency to create a vibration which will nourish, love and progress all.


Venture from the box, the fear and negativity- that illusion is now defunct. Reject them. Freedom is a choice. Choose to be free.


When we realise that we don’t have a soul- we are a soul and we have a vessel then anything is possible.


Return to your heart and remember your journey and your purpose. Remember this intrinsic love and let that beauty and blissful positive energy shine in your frequency. 


Be and rejoice that you are energy and that you connect to everything, it is in this knowledge that you will evolve and become amazing.


Let yourself become the energy as the more you give up control, the more you will be in control.



This is not the conclusion, this is the future- and it’s up to you.




Om mani padme hum



Wave Karma











[1] An interesting book on this subject is The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 1 by Drunvalo Melchizedek.


[i] Sound and Salt




[ii] Heart Math. The ancient wisdom of valuing the heart over any other organ including the brain is deeply embedded in our language: follow your heart, a courageous heart, know by heart, trust your heart.. Today's research is re-discovering that the way we think and feel directly influences our individual and social life and even our environment.

This is where we recognize the central role of the heart. Our heart mediates all the information from our brain, body and senses, and is at every single moment deeply involved in adjusting our responses. 

We deeply understand that the assurance for a fulfilling life lies in feeling connected and being individually focused at the same time. It means the capacity to increase our creativity and personal competences by managing our emotions no matter what is going on.. 

For this reason we must reconnect with the intelligence of our heart - as the heart generates and manages to adjust these universal principles and values of life. This is Internal Cardiac Coherence - and it can truly be measured and entrained.


CardioGem - Internal Coherence diagnostic and biofeedback program, showing respectively: raw data ECG, ECG Spectrum, Internal Cardiac Coherence (ICC), Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Spectrum, Tachogram (Beats Per Minute) and ICC history 




[iii] Technically known as the enteric nervous system, the second brain consists of sheaths of neurons embedded in the walls of the long tube of our gut, or alimentary canal, which measures about nine meters end to end from the esophagus to the anus. The second brain contains some 100 million neurons, more than in either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system, Gershon says.

This multitude of neurons in the enteric nervous system enables us to "feel" the inner world of our gut and its contents.


 Michael Gershon, chairman of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at New York–Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, an expert in the nascent field of neurogastroenterology and author of the 1998 book The Second Brain (HarperCollins).


Source. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=gut-second-brain


[iv] Dalai Lama


"It is very good to recite the mantra Om mani padme hum, but while you are doing it, you should be thinking on its meaning, for the meaning of the six syllables is great and vast... The first, Om [...] symbolizes the practitioner's impure body, speech, and mind; it also symbolizes the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha[...]"

"The path is indicated by the next four syllables. Mani, meaning jewel, symbolizes the factors of method: (the) altruistic intention to become enlightened, compassion, and love.[...]"

"The two syllables, padme, meaning lotus, symbolize wisdom[...]"

"Purity must be achieved by an indivisible unity of method and wisdom, symbolized by the final syllable hum, which indicates indivisibility[...]"

"Thus the six syllables, om mani padme hum, mean that in dependence on the practice of a path which is an indivisible union of method and wisdom, you can transform your impure body, speech, and mind into the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha[...]"


[v] http://www.lemireclinic.com/services/emotional/heart-math/

[vi] Singing Plants at Damanhur 



[vii] In 1952, on the island of Koshima, scientists were providing monkeys with sweet potatoes dropped in the sand. The monkey liked the taste of the raw sweet potatoes, but they found the dirt unpleasant.

An 18-month-old female named Imo found she could solve the problem by washing the potatoes in a nearby stream. She taught this trick to her mother. Her playmates also learned this new way and they taught their mothers too.

This cultural innovation was gradually picked up by various monkeys before the eyes of the scientists. Between 1952 and 1958 all the young monkeys learned to wash the sandy sweet potatoes to make them more palatable. Only the adults who imitated their children learned this social improvement. Other adults kept eating the dirty sweet potatoes.

Then something startling took place. In the autumn of 1958, a certain number of Koshima monkeys were washing sweet potatoes -- the exact number is not known. Let us suppose that when the sun rose one morning there were 99 monkeys on Koshima Island who had learned to wash their sweet potatoes. Let's further suppose that later that morning, the hundredth monkey learned to wash potatoes.


By that evening almost everyone in the tribe was washing sweet potatoes before eating them. The added energy of this hundredth monkey somehow created an ideological breakthrough!




[viii] Language of the Divine Matrix - Gregg Braden




Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic & Training Center


[x] Spirit Science 13 ~ The Crystal Movie



[xi] Naomi Wolf on Making Change. The Guardian


[xii] Tantra


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